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Shippers search pre-designed offers of freight forwarding services

Terminal2 is a unique Platform for shippers to find the best solutions for their freight forwarding needs. Our Forwarders have created pre-packaged offers of freight forwarding services and made them available to shippers. Here is what makes it unique:



The platform publishes predefined services offerings from our Forwarders broken down into rate by weight breaks, origin & destination charges, schedules, mandatory charges at origin and/ or destination, and additional packages of add on services. So Shippers have a good understanding of expected costs well before they make a booking.

Rate management approach  


Forwarders are provided with a unique tool that lets them view a booking as a part of their consol. The proprietary tool guides them in improving their consol thereby reducing costs. Forwarders are free to pass on these benefits as discounted rates on the platform or on the current bookings they hold.



Shippers pay only a booking deposit, which is a fraction of the total estimated costs, to make a booking. This deposit is refunded in case the booking is discontinued.



Forwarders have the flexibility to waitlist a booking, offer an alternate solution for a booking request or decline it altogether. The booking deposit is refunded to the shipper.



Forwarders and Shippers have the ability to manage bookings - make edits to the booking, change cargo dimensions if required, add services - as and when needed.

Explore the Platform...


Offers are created...

Forwarders create and manage offers of freight forwarding services. They can create as many offers for as many routes as they like. Forwarders can edit offers, provide discounts, spot rates, flash sales or even publish offers for a whole year in one go.

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...and published on Terminal2.

Shippers search Terminal2 for offers by mode and route. They can browse through hundreds of offers or apply filters to narrow down the options and select the offer that best suits their needs.

Shippers make bookings...

Once they find an offer that suits their needs, shippers can make a quick booking in 3 easy steps - 1) Provide basic information about the cargo, 2) Select any add on services they may need 3) Pay a fraction of estimated costs to complete the booking!

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...share documents...

A document management facility allows Shippers and Forwarders to share documents. Shipping instructions can be created using a pre-filled, editable form.

...and collaborate to manage bookings.

Shippers and Forwarders can make as many edits to a booking as needed. We have built in various workflow mechanisms to make sure that both parties are agreeable to any change made. 

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Why use a Platform?

Provides A Digital Platform to Buy & Sell Freight Services

Platforms are a simpler, economical, and faster alternate for businesses seeking to digitalize how they buy and sell freight services. 

With digitalization, and propelled by the post pandemic 'new normal', a majority of shippers are now seeking digital ways to forge new partnerships with multiple freight forwarders. The traditional sales process is rapidly being replaced with a quicker, more efficient, and flexible digital approach. However not all shippers and forwarders have the necessary capabilities for a digital transformation. Platforms serve as a simpler alternate where shippers and forwarders can connect without any investments of time, effort, and money.

Access to Global Markets

With increasingly global supply chains, Shippers are seeking multiple Forwarders from around the world. Platforms are a quick and efficient way for Shippers to find freight forwarding services at the best prices and for Forwarders to establish and/ or enhance their digital presence.

Agility and Flexibility

Moving freight globally is ridden with uncertainties. Shippers can find forwarders on platforms that suit their current needs without getting into long, stringent, inflexible contracts. Forwarders too on the other hand can select and manage bookings that enhance their consols and achieved rates.

Power of Automation

Online platforms often feature automated workflows that help shippers and forwarders streamline their transactions and communications.

No Investment in Setup

Online platforms require zero investments! Only nominal fees are charged per transaction or as a subscription to use the platform.   

Payment Options

Platforms feature online payment systems that facilitate payments via credit/ debit cards, wire transfers and several other options that allow for flexible and secure payments.

Feedback Loop

Two sided platforms also facilitate two-sided review and rating systems that businesses rely upon for building reputation and trust.