Introducing Terminal2 
A new way to source Freight Forwarding services

We’re excited to bring to you a whole new platform for finding and engaging with freight forwarders to fulfill all your shipping needs.

Now you can instantly buy pre-scoped services from vetted, curated freight forwarders and collaboratively manage your shipment all through its journey on a single platform.

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Need to ship 50 boxes to LAX?


Simply look up the marketplace on Terminal2 and find an offer that meets your needs – Click and buy!

You can adjust your booking whenever you are ready to ship. Check for surcharges, additional charges and buy add-on services as needed.

Terminal2 has been created to help shippers secure cargo space and freight forwarding services at any point in their supply chain timeline.


We understand the challenges of striking the balance between an early booking and taking advantage of a last-minute spot rate. What follows the scramble for a ‘good rate’ is the overwhelming coordination between various parties, managing exigencies, communication and tracking to make sure that your shipment arrives on time and in budget.

Terminal2 is an alternate way to engage with Freight Forwarders through an e-commerce-like interface for your immediate needs.


Built-in tools allow you to communicate and collaborate with your chosen freight forwarder and also add other stakeholders to the communication as your need may be. Things change – all the time!  With Terminal2, you can keep everyone informed, modify your bookings, send, and receive documents, and track your shipment - All of this on one single platform!

Shippers can select an offer and get straight to work.

Each offer on Terminal2 is created & published on the Marketplace by curated, vetted Forwarders, based on their expertise, the routes they operate it, and industries that they specialize in.


As a Shipper, you can explore the marketplace and see what’s on offer by mode of transport, route, departure & arrival schedules. From Port-to Port freight rates by weight breaks, surcharges, mandatory charges at origin and/ or destination and add-on services offered by the Forwarder, all important details are packaged into one offer.  You can initiate bookings quickly with clear expectations about services provided and costs included.

To get started, please head to ‘Sign up’ and provide the necessary KYC details. Just the way we vet our Forwarders, we ensure that our Forwarders are interacting with genuine Shippers.

Look out for new and enhanced features

We are constantly striving to improve your Terminal2 experience and you can expect new and enhanced features in the coming months.



With Terminal2 you can procure freight forwarding services and manage shipments on one single platform.



Cost Effective

Take advantage of spot rates, volume bundling and advance planning to get the best possible rates. 



Communicate directly with your selected forwarder. You can add co-workers, consignees, agents and other stakeholders to your communications on Terminal2.

More Features



See rates before you provide any consignment information



Multiple payment options, including offline payments



Rate and review your experience



Clarity of quote - no surprises, know your weight breaks, surcharges and additional charges before you book



Request changes to your booking as and when needed



Stay connected 

 - share documents

 - exchange messages

 - request changes

 - or just say thanks!



Minimize financial risk - we don't ask for the entire payment upfront