Your terminal to global freight forwarding.

A new way for Shippers and Freight Forwarders to instantly connect & collaborate







About the marketplace

One of the key features of Terminal2 is its global marketplace. Forwarders have published carefully constructed offers of their services that shippers can compare and select.​

​Shippers search published offers by mode and route - yes, that's all you need to access offers relevant to your search. We won't ask shippers for consignment details and dimensions till they have understood the cost breakdown and are ready to make a booking. 


Collaboration platform

Freight Forwarding is a high-touch activity. Most bookings are made well before the cargo is ready to ship. This leads to scenarios where various adjustments need to be made to a booking. It is critical for freight forwarders and shippers to partner with each other to record accurate cargo details in a timely manner and request for/ provide the necessary services. Many times, several other individuals need to be looped in and it leads to several emails, phone calls and inefficiencies in the flow of critical information.


At Terminal2, we resolve these issues through a Communication utility that allows shippers and forwarders to interact with each other via text, voice, and video in the context of each booking. They can add anyone to the workflow - their transport guys, customs agents, operators - even if they are not on the Terminal2 platform. 

Each booking triggers a permissive workflow that allows shippers and forwarders to collaboratively make changes to cargo details, pick up/ delivery add/ remove services, make additional payments, and manage changes & exceptions as needed. Bookings can even be cancelled if mutually agreed. Terminal2 allows unlimited changes to bookings in a structured and auditable manner​


All that you need to do to manage a shipment is now on a single platform. Whether you want to place a call, share a document, include a customs agent, or add a last-minute service – everything is possible on Terminal2. And that is how we ensure that tech does not replace touch!

Benefits for shippers

Search | Book | Collaborate

Shippers can access current freight rates from international freight forwarding companies.

Shippers can Search for international freight forwarding services that suit their requirements; Book services based on budget-friendly rates, suitable timings, forwarder rating; Ship cargo while communicating, sharing documents and interacting with forwarders and Pay for the services on or off the platform as preferred.



With Terminal2 you can procure freight forwarding services and manage shipments on one single platform.


Cost Effective

Take advantage of spot rates, volume bundling and advance planning to get the best possible rates.



Communicate directly with your selected forwarder. You can also add co-workers, consignees, agents and other stakeholders to the communications on Terminal2.


Benefits for Forwarders


Offer | Book | Collaborate

Terminal2 is an online freight marketplace & collaboration platform where freight forwarders can increase their market reach and offer superior experience to their customers. 

Freight forwarders can create Offers of services; Accept booking requests; Receive payments and Collaborate with customers to Ship cargo on the platform.



Publish Digital ready, time definitive offers of your services.

Its not enough to sell your services online as you would offline. In the digital space, your offers should have clearly defined parameters, rates, inclusions and exclusions. 

Terminal2 helps you create well defined offers of your services with time definitive rates. You can easily manage these offers and make changes as and when needed.  

Check out our blog on this...



Build volume bundles and leverage economies of scale.

Irrespective of the size and weight of cargo, optimized bundling at the right time will yield benefits for you and your customers.

Terminal2 helps you achieve the right combination of cargo to optimize cost and provide competitive rates to your customers. You can manage your cargo mix for multiple schedules and improve your businesses' bottom-line flexibly and dynamically.


Communicate, manage exceptions and share documents on one platform

We understand that freight forwarding is a high-touch business and that exceptions are the rule!


Terminal2 facilitates high-touch and superior customer experience with tools and methods to accept change requests, manage exceptions and customer requirements with agility & flexibility.