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Digital Platforms

for Logistics Service Providers

We are dedicated to optimizing your logistics and supply chain processes. Explore our suite of sophisticated digital platforms, which are plug-and-play and ready to use.

With no implementation time or upfront investments, these platforms enable instant digitalization, making your tasks more efficient in no time

At Terminal2, we're transforming the way you navigate the international Logistics and Supply Chain landscape.
Explore our suite of powerful digital platforms designed to take your business to new heights.

Platforms in Brief

Sales Accelerator Platform
  • Fortify your sales approach with our digital platform designed to drive geographical expansion, new tradelane development, sales volumes, customer bookings & engagement.

    Virtual Trading Platform

    • Centralized platform to showcase and offer logistics services.

    • Increased visibility and accessibility to potential customers.

    • Enhanced exposure for services through easy listing and discovery.

    Customer Communications

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    • Automated follow-up emails and reminders for efficient communication.

    • Timely updates and information sharing for improved collaboration.

    • Document sharing capabilities to enhance collaboration with customers.

    Online Customer Bookings

    • Simplified process for customers to initiate bookings.

    • Efficient management of bookings within a centralized system.

    • Streamlined interaction and communication within each booking.


    • Real-time visibility into shipment status and location.

    • Improved operational efficiency with accurate tracking.

    • Enhanced customer satisfaction through transparent updates.

    Online Payments

    • Secure and efficient online payment processing.

    • Automated charges and streamlined financial transactions.

    • Integration with accounting systems for seamless financial management.

  • Efficiently create & share quotes with customers, facilitate easy bookings for customers and ensure a smooth and impactful sales support process.

    Customizable Quotes

    • Tailor quotes to individual customer needs for a personalized experience.

    • Adjust rates & charges based on specific requirements.

    • Create professional, branded quotes in easily readable formats.

    • Share easily through channels like email and WhatsApp.

    Customer Bookings Management

    • Manage the entire booking lifecycle, from initiation to final payments, including shipping instructions, document repository & tracking.

    • Leverage collaborative workflows for efficient communication & decision-making.

    • Provide accurate cost estimation to support transparent invoicing.

    Centralized Rate Control

    an illustration depicting a centralized hub or control center, symbolizing the management
    • Maintain uniformity with centralized control of rates and quotes.

    • Empower management to oversee pricing strategies for consistency 

    • Accelerate the sales process by providing immediate pricing information ensuring faster and more efficient sales closures.

    Customer Communication

    • Establish streamlined communication channels with Integrated messaging for real-time, context-driven communication.

    • Automated follow-ups, reminders, & updates for improved collaboration.

    • Consolidate all communications within a centralized system, eliminating the need for inbox searches.

    Invoicing & Payments

    • Quotations seamlessly integrate with financial systems for precise job accounting, simplifying invoicing and ensuring accuracy.

    • Enable secure and convenient online payment options for seamless transactions.

    • Secure and efficient online payment processing.

  • The Consol Performance Manager not only provides insights into your consols but also helps enhance them, boosts profitability & optimizes costs, ensuring improved business outcomes.

    Consol Health Indicator

    • Visualize the health of your consol mix through intuitive graphics for quick insights.

    • Evaluate the impact of each booking on a consol.

    • Ascertain how rate adjustments impact overall consol profitability.

    • Access a comprehensive overview of consol performance at a glance.

    Consol Optimization

    • Optimize consol strategies to boost profitability and minimize costs.

    • Move bookings between consols easily to maximize profit potential & reduce costs.

    • Lower achieved rates to lower carrier costs & enhance competitive pricing.

    • Easily adapt consols to changing market conditions & business needs.

    Profitability Analysis

    computer screen with charts and graphs a
    • Conduct in-depth profitability analyses for each consol.

    • Identify areas for improvement and implement strategic changes.

    • Plan and simulate scenarios to understand potential outcomes.

    • Stay informed about changes affecting consol health in real time.

  • Transform your website into a fully integrated Customer Portal with our suite of platforms. Elevate your logistics management experience, streamline interactions, and enhance customer satisfaction—all seamlessly branded and accessible through your online presence.

    Logistics Service Providers

    • Branded Integration: Seamlessly integrate our platforms into your website, transforming it into a customized Customer Portal branded with your company's identity.

    • Efficient Interaction: Streamline customer interactions by providing a structured, efficient, and effective way for them to engage with your logistics services.

    • Minimal Data Entry: Ensure a hassle-free experience for your customers with minimal data entry, making it a self-serve facility for quick and convenient interactions.

    • Reduced Manual Work: Minimize tedious manual tasks for your team, allowing them to focus on strategic operations rather than routine administrative work.

    • Enhanced Customer Experience: Elevate the overall customer experience by offering a user-friendly, branded portal that simplifies their engagement with your logistics services.


    • Company Branding: Access to a customer portal that reflects the logistics service provider's brand, creating a familiar and trustworthy environment.

    • Structured Interactions: A streamlined and structured platform for interacting with you, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient process.

    • Self-Serve Convenience: A self-serve facility that allows your Customers to make bookings, track shipments, and engage with you seamlessly.

    • Efficiency Gains: Benefit from reduced data entry requirements and streamlined processes, allowing your Customers to accomplish tasks efficiently.

    • Enhanced Interaction: Interact with you in real-time, accessing updated information and communications within the context of each booking—all in one place.


Integration Capabilities

Terminal2 seamlessly integrates with existing systems & technologies, ensuring smooth transitions & continuity in operations.

  • API Integration: Connect our platform with other software solutions, optimizing data flow and interoperability.

  • Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with various hardware and software systems commonly used in the logistics industry.

Customization Options

Recognizing that one size does not fit all, Terminal2 offers a high degree of customization to align with the unique needs & workflows of your business.

  • Tailored Workflows: Customize the platform to match your specific operational processes and requirements.

  • Branding Integration: Infuse your brand identity into the platform, creating a seamless extension of your business.


From branded customer portals that enhance interactions to consol performance managers that optimize costs, our solutions cater to diverse needs. Explore a new era of efficiency, transparency, and collaboration with our innovative platforms. Join us in reshaping logistics for a future of seamless connectivity and unparalleled service.

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