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Quote on Terminal2: Part V


In part IV we saw how rates on different days on the same route and carrier can differ. And they can vary considerably depending on what the consol looks like. Freight quotations are time definitive by nature and could be applicable for the day or for a defined time-range. Competitive rates are certainly important but equally important is the arrival, departure and freight receipt cut off schedule. Imagine a scenario where a booking was made online because the rates on offer were fantastic and transit times were shortest available. But it was for a flight or voyage a couple of months away or were valid only for a day. Imagine the conversation to follow!

Even the most competitive rates may not convert into a booking if timelines are not stated. A freight quote is complete when there are schedules attached to it. When bookings are made in advance, it is even more essential for forwarders to let shippers know the validity of quotes and schedule. But we certainly understand why forwarders hesitate to do so. After all, the quotations have been generated from a rate database by an algorithm without taking schedule or available capacity into consideration.

So here is what we do at Terminal2 - we have our forwarders specify the schedules by the freight receipt cut off date & time, estimated departure and estimated arrival. So, each shipper knows by when cargo should be ready to avail the offer, when can it be available at destination before they commit themselves to an offer. And forwarders can add the booking to whichever consol it helps improve. The flight/ voyage and carrier details are attached to the booking later. So, the shipper is aware of the schedule at the time they book, while the forwarder is free to assign the booking to whichever consol it is best suited to - of course, providing the same schedule.

All of this, and more is possible on Terminal2! With our “No Code” approach you can start quoting online in minutes, without having to set up or share your rate database. Our features make it easy for interested shippers to come to forwarders. To know more please visit or book a slot for a demo here.

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