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Established Digital Presence

Your customers are searching online for freight forwarders to fulfill their shipping requirements. They want to ship their freight quickly and efficiently at the best prices. To reach those customers, Terminal2 provides you a comprehensive, responsive channel for establishing and/ or enhancing your digital presence.

With Terminal2, you don’t need to make any IT investments or extensive efforts to develop a digital presence. Use our resources from the comfort of your location without any hassle. 


A configurable workflow to make your own

Terminal2 offers multiple built-in tools, automation and features which you can use as per your needs. The default workflow, built on industry best practices, gives you direction but does not force you to modify your business operations.

You can add or remove a step in the workflow, set automation, enable or disable notifications, set rules and permissions for different teams to access and operate on the platform. No investment, time or technical skills needed for this!


Publish Digital ready, time definitive offers of your services.

Its not enough to sell your services online as you would offline. In the digital space, your offers should have clearly defined parameters, rates, inclusions and exclusions. 

Terminal2 helps you create well defined offers of your services with time definitive rates. You can easily manage these offers and make changes as and when needed.  

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Build volume bundles and leverage economies of scale.

Irrespective of the size and weight of cargo, optimized bundling at the right time will yield benefits for you and your customers.

Terminal2 helps you achieve the right combination of cargo to optimize cost and provide competitive rates to your customers. You can manage your cargo mix for multiple schedules and improve your businesses' bottom-line flexibly and dynamically.


Communicate, manage exceptions and share documents on one platform

We understand this is a high-touch business and that exceptions are the rule! Terminal2 facilitates high-touch and superior customer experience with tools and methods to accept change requests, manage exceptions and customer requirements with agility & flexibility. 

More Features

  • 1.

    Net Cost

    We believe in managing rates and providing visibility into net costs at all times, rather than creating rate databases or clouds. Terminal2 has built in tools that will help you focus on actual net costs and not just contracted rates.

  • 2.

    Expand your geographic reach at no cost. 

    We offer you access to a marketplace where you can find only genuine customers. On Terminal2 you can market both your export and import services, thus substantially increasing your customer base.

  • 3.

    No set up required.

    You can get started on Terminal2 without building and sharing a rate database. Profile set up is the only set up you have to bother with. Terminal2 can build your rate database over time, so you need not to worry about sharing your prior rate database with us.

  • 4.

    Rate and review your experience

    Use our 2-way review & rating system. Let your customers know how great it was to work with them or what they can do to help you help them better the next time.

  • 5.

    Multiple payment methods

    We offer you multiple options of receiving payments. You can decide whether to receive your payments on Terminal2 platform or off of it.

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    A network of like minded professionals

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